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This 2,500 sq. foot venue includes a large main room with a full open kitchen and a stage, which opens up into a 2,500 sq. foot patio area. It also contains an entry parlor, a lounge with a gas fireplace centerpiece and two private restrooms. The interior capacity is 120 guests. Our total indoor/outdoor capacity is 200.


The entry parlor is the perfect place to welcome guests, post information, check in coats, or place a gift table or a guest book. The parlor measures 217 sq. feet.

Main room

The Main room houses all things vintage including a curved bar, wooden park benches and a large sectional for your leisure. Other treasures from the past include jukeboxes, coin-operated kiddie rides, a dining booth and a set of McDonalds tables and chairs so you can make any meal a happy meal. The venue has two bathrooms both accessible from the main room.  The main room itself is 1900 sq feet of open space.

The open floor plan allows for full vantage and access to both the stage and kitchen, creating a total of 2,150 sq feet combined.


The Stables has a 1940’s era kitchen complete with vintage fridge, stove, Pepsi-Cola cooler, microwave and sink.


The wooden stage measures 12’ 5” x 9’ or 112 sq feet.


Our fully integrated AV system is very user friendly- play your music or use the retractable 1000 lumens screen with our overhead projector. We have cable, BluRay/DVD, or an HDMI hookup for your laptop. Our high quality sound and simple set up make it easy for all kinds of uses.


The lounge is incredibly cozy with a large gas fireplace centered in the room.  Ample chairs and love seats circle the perimeter.  Bring your favorite DVD or slide show to play on the flat screen installed in our vintage TV case.

House Sound System Includes

1 Mackie 802vlz3 mixer with Ipod and DJ hookup*
4 Commnunity Sound Speaker 15″ 2way
1 Omnisistem Powered 18″ 800watt Subwoofer
1 QSC GX3 1000 watt power amp for mains
1 Behringer FBQ1502 House Equalizer
1 Behringer MDX1600 House Compressor
1 Behringer A500 Power Amp For Patio Speakers
2 OSD AP640 Outdoor Speakers
1 microphone

The system is set up to play off an audio device (ie. computer, ipod). Your DJ may be able to customize their set up using our accessories as well.


The Stables provides a variety of lighting options including gallery lighting, black lights, a rotating discoball and stage lighting. Many of our fixtures are on dimmers to set your mood.


The paved courtyard is extremely versatile and mimics the same charm as the interior spaces complete with vintage bicycles and relics circling the perimeter. The outside patio measures 50’ x 50’ or 2500 sq. feet.


Free community parking is adjacent to the venue.

You may rent the full 1200 sq. ft. parking lot for exclusive use at the rate of  $1500/per day.  If using the lot for event guest parking you may be required to hire an on site parking attendant.