Georgetown is an especially unique neighborhood in our city of neighborhoods and its main drag on Airport Way is lined with one-of-a-kind restaurants, bars, galleries, shops, saloons, and cafes. The locals are diverse and friendly, consisting largely of bohemians, artists, fringe society folk, blue-collar workers and families.

Settled in 1851 by Luther Collins and developed by Julius Horton (brother of Dexter Horton), Georgetown is Seattle’s oldest continually settled neighborhood and has a rich and fascinating history.

In 1910 Georgetown was annexed to the city of Seattle. During this time Seattle was cracking down on “undesirable” activity. Georgetown, however, remained a haven of 24 hour vice, gambling and red light district.

The residue of this areas resistant history still saturates Georgetown and many impressive structures from that by-gone era still stand strong.

The Stables itself is rumored to have the oldest standing wall in the neighborhood dating back to 1888. In the first decade of the 1900’s, the Meadows Racetrack, now the home of Boeing Field, was a huge draw for this city. During this time the Stables was used to house race horses from the track. The building still maintains its best original features; the high ceilings, brick walls and beautiful thick ceiling beams represent the best of historical structures from this era. The space is furnished with antique and vintage items and oddities.

The space is versatile and can be customized for your event. Please visit our photo gallery and blog for examples of the various events that have been housed, at The Stables.