How do we solidify our date on The Stables calendar?

Each event booking starts by filling out the Rental Request Form on the rates page. Then payment of 50% of the total rental cost along with a signed contract will secure your date.  Our bookings manager will guide you through the process!


Can we serve ourselves alcohol?  Why must we use a bartender?

Unfortunately we must insist you have a class 12 permitted bartender for any type of alcohol. While using The Stables it is important to be in compliance with Washington State Liquor laws.  A Banquet Permit must be posted in the bar area and those serving alcohol must have their WA State issued Class 12 permit and valid ID with them.  There are many great bar services in the Seattle area.  It is important to us that you have a safe and fun event! 

Can a food truck park behind the gate on the patio?

Heck Yes!  We love a food truck on the patio.  Sometimes a truck may have a large hood fan on top of the truck.  We just ask that this or any other tall parts of the truck do not impede or interfere with our outdoor lighting.

Can we put tents on the patio?

You are welcome to use tents on the patio as long as they do not interfere or damage the outdoor lighting.  We do not remove or take down the patio lighting.  Therefore the largest tent possible is 10×20.  You may put many 10×10 pop ups on the patio as their height does not interfere with the lights.

Can the sound booth be used as a bar for drinks and food?

To protect our sound equipment we ask that the sound booth stay clear of all food and  beverages.  This is in our clients best interest.  The sound booth is the perfect place for a DJ to set up, or set up computer equipment that you want to protect from spills.  

Can the large model T and motorcycle in front room be moved?

We have staged these large toys in a place that is aesthetically pleasing and out of the way of high use areas.  We highly prefer to not move these large toys from their place.

Is there heat?  Air Conditioning?

The Stables has an excellent heating system, 3 outdoor heaters and a gas fireplace.  These should keep you warm and cozy with no problem.  The Stables does not have Air Conditioning.  We do provide a large fan for hot summer days and clients are encouraged to bring additional fans if desired.

Is there a time that events must be finished?

To stay in compliance with city codes we do ask that all events are over by 2am.  Outdoor music must be off by midnight and indoor music turned down by 1am.  We do not allow bar service after 1am.  We like to be respectful of our neighbors!

Can we bring in our own sound equipment?

You can bring in your own equipment but, our sound system is pretty fabulous and we encourage you to use it!  We have open viewings 3 times a week that are a great time to come check out the sound system and see what else you may need.  The viewings are also a great time to send your DJ or Band in so they can get to know the system.  

Can we throw confetti, or glitter?

Confetti and especially glitter are difficult to clean out of the venue and often takes many hours.  We do require that no glitter is used in decoration plans and that confetti be at least 1 inch in size, pre-approved, and swept up prior to exiting the venue.  Please understand that our venue is used for many versatile events and glitter is not desired by many of our clients.  Cleaning fees will be charged for glitter and confetti.


Is the parking lot going to be available for guests of Stables events?

The parking lot outside of The Stables has 40 parking spaces and is a first come first serve situation.  We share the lot with other businesses in the Georgetown and is 2 hour parking for everyone except our guests and clients.   The parking lot will not be clear and empty upon your arrival and our staff is not in control of parking.  There is street parking and a large lot just a few blocks away and parking is not a big issue.  Encourage your guests to cab, carpool, Uber or lyft.  Several clients have used valet services as well.  If you are interested in renting the entire lot please visit our rates page for the cost.

Do you have handicap parking?

We are able to rope off 2-3 parking spaces close to the venue with advance notice.

Does someone live in the trailer?

No one lives in the trailer.  The 1949 Spartanette is our staff office and lounge.  It is for employees only but you are welcome stage photographs in front of it.

Does The Stables have WiFi?

Yes.  The password can be found on the refrigerator with your Staff contact information and the inside ledge of the Sound Booth.  The Stables staff will be happy to help you with the password as well.

Where do couples usually get married?  Can we have a ceremony in other places on the property?

Generally speaking, many couples choose to get married on the stage and process from the lounge.  There are many photos of ceremony set ups on our Facebook page.  We have also seen couples choose to get married outside under the tree, in front of the trailer and white picket fence, in front of the fireplace and in front of the Juke Box.  Be as creative as you like.

Are there places besides the bathrooms that can be used for dressing rooms?

Yes.  There are 2 spaces that can be used as dressing rooms.  The first is the lounge which is the room with the fireplace.  Both doors close and has a separate entrance.  The other dressing space is the stage and larger bathroom.  The stage curtains close completely creating a private space. The bathroom has a shower, lit vanity and full length mirror.   

What kind of media options are available in the venue?

We have a large roll down screen on the stage that is connected to a cable box, BluRay/DVD player, or HDMI cable that can be hooked up to a laptop. We have indoor and outdoor speakers in the venue for music (iPods, etc are easy to set up for your event).  

Can we watch football on the screen and on the sound system?

Yes you can!  We have cable for football needs and the sound goes through speakers so you don’t miss a play.  Please ask a staff member to set this up for you at your event.

Is the water drinkable?

The water from all of our faucets is Seattle city water and drinkable.

Does the kitchen stove work?

The stove does work but it is from the 1940’s so it takes a bit longer to heat up than modern stoves.  Please be patient with her!  There is also a microwave in the kitchen for small items.

Can we use the things in the kitchen?

You may use all the things provided in the kitchen.  Whatever you choose to use must be washed and returned before your departure.  A sponge and dish soap are provided.


Do we have to clean, sweep and take out the garbage at the end of our event?

Nope.  We ask that at the end of your event all garbage and recycling be put in the proper receptacle and that any garbage that can be picked up, is.  Please be sure any dishes or bar items are washed and returned.  The Stables staff will take care of the garbage and cleaning.  

Does The Stables staff set up and break down rental tables and chairs?

The tables and chairs that you rented from The Stables will be loaded into the venue prior to your entry time.  The Stables staff does not set up or break down rentals but will be around to offer you guidance in stacking them at the end of the night.

Can we move the sectional out of the venue to make room for a dance floor?

Yes.  We have a storage garage off the parking lot and a large dolly that can be used to move the couch into the garage.  The on site staff member will assist the renter in this process but will not be responsible for the actual moving of the furniture.