Georgetown Garden Walk

Let me start by saying that this is my first summer as a participating member of the Georgetown Community.  That being said I have grown to love this neighborhood and all the wonderfull events we have hosted this year including Carnival and Honk Fest West.  But, there is something very special and unique about the buzz that is in the air around the coming Georgetown Garden Walk.10799_569014306482568_1490627594_nThe neighborhood is a bustle with people readying thier homes, gardens and storefronts.  There is an air of pride and value as we prepare to show off our gardens but also our talents, arts, music and  essentially our homes.  It’s intimate.  It’s not about a rock band in a parking lot (not to say I don’t love a rockband in a parking lot!).  This is a glimpse into the lives and people that make Georgetown special.  It also seems like it will be an event well attended by the community.  When I told a fellow gardener at the Oxbow Pea Patch that I will be working most of Sunday she looked at me with a scorned face and said “K, you do not want to miss the Garden Walk.  It is the event of the season”.  So I will take her advice, put on my Sunday best and do the Georgtown Garden Walk.  Hope to see you there! You can find full details about the event on our Events page.  Just a click away!




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