We already brought the glitz

There’s a lot to think about when planning an event.  From navigating  invitations and seating, to choosing caterers and bands, and deciding what to wear, it might feel like a full time job.  The one thing you have in your pocket when you come to The Stables is decor.  You don’t need to bring all this:



Because we already have all this:

the stables 5


Although the following is really icing on the cake:

IMG_6726 bbbb Kitten+Lou-by-Nate-Gowdy-6-600x400 DSC_3182


You don’t need to call in the cavalry to make the event pop.  Some colorful balloons, a welcome tree, flowers, pinatas, or metallic fringe curtains as an altar backdrop…it’s easy as cake.  We have the personality you are looking for, but we still have room for your personal touch.





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