Procrastinate much?  Four days after the ball dropped in Times Square, The Georgetown Stables is full of New Year’s revelers and tireless dancers because it’s never too late to celebrate, and there’s always time to think outside the box.  If your holiday letters normally go out around the Fourth of July, check out these ideas for belated holiday gifts  that you won’t even need to wrap or mail:


1. Did you see the episode of Modern Family where Claire surprised Phil with a Chinese acrobat performance for their anniversary?  Well, regardless, it was definitely outside the box, and here in Seattle, you can do something similar for your Claire or Phil, or mom, or Cousin Vinny.

At Emerald City Trapeze,  instructors teach students how to fly in style.  For performances, some of the  instructors have been known to perform their midair sparkle magic at The Pink Door on Sunday and Monday nights!


2. A trip to the Georgetown Trailer park Mall.

Like a traveling circus, there is something for everyone:  vintage pieces, cowboy hats, jewelry, off-beat finds, glassware, knick-knacks, art, and more.  Throw in dinner at Fonda la Catrina and drinks at Jules Maes Saloon for a complete outing.










3. The gift of va-va-voom at Seattle’s Academy of Burlesque.  Whether you want to surprise your honey with some swanky moves, or treat your favorite girlfriends to a private tease workshop, it’s win win win win win on all sides.  If you want to go the extra mile, boudoir photography is popping up all over the city.

shanghai pearl


4.  Dance party!  Treat your lady, your fellow, or your ladies and fellows to private dance lessons.  We know you still need to cross ‘learning All the Single Ladies dance’ off your list  of resolutions…


5.  And where are you going to throw that private tease workshop, boudoir photography session, and private dance party?  Right here at the Georgetown Stables.  We have everything you need for a party, day or night, Sunday through Monday.  With custom lighting, vintage props (including a vintage airstream trailer, a jukebox, a funhouse mirror, a Model-T mini, and a coin-operated  kiddie rides) plenty of dance space, a large stage, and a fabulous soundsystem, and loads of personality, we have all your bases covered.  It’s all in the memories.  It’s outside of the box (but within city limits despite the frontier feel of Georgetown).  Get to it.  And Happy New Year!

kitten and lou

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