How do I pay?  We will invoice you electronically or you may mail a check to our West Seattle office.

Can I use my own caterer?  Yes you can provide food any way you like.

Can I come in early to set up?  Yes if the venue is not in use, you can arrange to come in early.  You will be billed at the applicable hourly rate.

Can we move the furniture?  Yes, you can move furniture to customize the look of the venue.  If you would like The Stables staff to move furniture for you before or after the event, please indicate which furniture.  You will be billed at $40 per hour per person for this service.  Antiques must be moved by staff.

Can we move out the couch to create a dance floor?  Yes, please see above.  We are happy to move the couch out completely to our onsite storage barn for the duration of your event.

Do we have to hire a Stables employee for our event?  One employee is provided to you at no extra charge.  This person is available to guide your set up, answer questions, trouble shoot during the duration of your rental and guide you with the exiting requirements at the end of the night.  In some cases we may require you to hire additional staff to make sure your event remains safe and legal.

Do we have to get a banquet permit even though this is a private event?  Yes, The Stables still requires you get a banquet permit.  Please order your banquet permit online https://liq.wa.gov/licensing/online-banquet-permit

 Can we sell drinks at our event?  No, Washington State law does not allow private venues to sell drinks without special permits.

How do I find a bartender?  Anyone who has a class 12 liquor permit can bartend you event.  Their are local hospitality services that can provide you with a bartender.  Options include:  The Invisible Host and Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes.

Can you wave the insurance rider for my event?  We only wave this for events that have no foreseeable risk.  This is never waved for events serving alcohol.

Is the Airstream outside part of the venue?  The Spartan Airstream is our staff lounge.  You are welcome to take pictures with the Airstream!

What is the clean-up requirement?  We ask that all interior and exterior furniture is returned to its original location, that garbage is place in the recepticles and that all décor is removed.

What is the fee if I would rather not clean up anything after my event?  We will charge you $40 per hour, per person for any clean-up not included in your rental.

What if we are unable to exit the venue at the specified time?   We will charge you the applicable hourly rate by the ½ hour for any overtime.

Rental Requirement Checklist:
Liability Insurance
Full rental payment
Full damage deposit payment
Banquet Permit

We hope this answers any questions that are not clear in your contract or on our website.  For additional information please email mary@georgetownstables.com


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